Lake Erie Academy of Dance - Tuition Scale 2017-2018

Tuition is paid monthly (1st or 15th) via automatic withdrawl from credit or debit card.

 Students at Lake Erie Ballet – Lake Erie Academy of Dance are offered unlimited classes for their level including Ballet Technique, Pre Pointe Conditioning, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, and Contemporary as well as access to open studio time for self guided stretching, warm up, and movement.  Tuition payments are made in monthly installments, a $25 Registration Fee is due along with your first month of tuition.  Refunds are not provided for missed classes due to short term illness, vacations, or schedule conflicts.  Students are encouraged to attend as many classes as their Level Schedule provides.   

Preparatory Division

Creative Movement
Ages 3 & 4  

45 minutes Intro to Movement and Musicality

$45.00 / MONTH

Ages 5 & 6   

45 minutes Intro to Movement and Musicality, followed by 30 minute Ballet Fundamentals, plus
1 hour Beginner Ballet Technique

$60.00 / MONTH


Student Division

Level I (Ages 7 & 8)

Unlimited Ballet Technique (Level I or Open Beginner), plus 1 Elective (Jazz/Tap/Contemporary)

$115.00 / MONTH

Level II (Ages 9 & 10)

Unlimited Ballet Technique (Level II or Open Beginner), Pre-Pointe, and Electives (Jazz/Tap/Contemporary)

$150.00 / MONTH

Level III (Ages 11 – 13)

Unlimited Ballet Technique (Level III or Advanced Open), Pointe, and Electives (Jazz/Tap/Contemporary)

$160.00 / MONTH

Level IV (Ages 14 and up)

Unlimited Ballet Technique (Level IV or Advanced Open), Pointe, Variations, and Electives (Jazz/Tap/Contemporary)

$180.00 / MONTH


3 hours additional weekly training (Warm up/Stretch, Technique, Repertoire) to prepare for monthly outreach performances and appearances.



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